5 questions from AMNC18 (and suggested answers)


1. Will China lead the fourth industrial revolution?from

? Yes, all signs indicate that China leads with its clear mind (vision) and execution speed (belief). The Dawan District, which departs from Shenzhen, is rapidly emerging as a striking place parallel to Silicon Valley with a complete capital, talent and infrastructure ecosystem. China has abandoned its imitative view of the past, placed innovation at the core of policy making, and clearly focused on new growth drivers. The first three are:

One) AI is the country's top priorityfrom

: Encourage officials to develop artificial intelligence infrastructure, such as sensors on the road, so that companies can develop solutions that embed digital technology into the physical world. In addition, access to a wealth of data, investment in higher education and talent, and a highly competitive business environment have made China a firm foothold.

b) China is one of the first countries to launch 5G in the coming months. By 2025, there are nearly 400 million global 5G 5G connections worldwide, and the country is laying the groundwork for this. Leading the wave of Internet of Thingsfrom


c) Unrestricted R&D budget to be cracked qAnantum calculationfrom

, It simulates nature, designs materials and solves complex problems in seconds.


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