Essay on "Development and Population Control" Class 10, Class 12 and Complete essay for undergraduate and other classes.


Development and population control

According to many analysts, development is the best contraception. But if we look at India, there seems to be some doubt about the authenticity of this statement. In India, planned development and family planning has been running for the last five decades. But our population problems have become more disturbed over time.

The fruits of development are seen on the food front where production has increased threefold threefold since 1951. Life expectancy has increased, so there is an increase in GDP. We are involved in the first 15 countries in terms of industrial production. Schools have spread. However, population growth has not slowed very much.

The increase in population, in fact, reduces every improvement in the national development of India. If population growth was inherent, then our people would have a significant development as a result of equal economic achievements.

The difference between GDP and per capita income indicates the adverse impact of a large population at the level of life. Another aspect of development in India is the skewed distribution of development, which has denied any effective increase in the living standard of most Indians. About 30 percent of the people still live below the poverty line and many people hover above the border line. The advantage of development has been achieved by a small percentage of most people, of which only few small parts are tricoling 'below the majority. The standard of living standard is maintained only so that the mortality rate is low but there is no significant reduction in birth rate.

An economist would say that instead of development, there has been a failure on the front of the population. Again, of course, development can not be "the best contraception". A population expert will say that if there is no significant reduction in population growth due to developmental efforts, the reason is that due to low rate of economic or production growth, rapid population growth and uneven distribution of small benefits 25 percent of the people who took advantage of our development have recorded a significant drop in birth rates in order to maintain a substantial increase in their living standards. The increase in the living standard for the remaining 75 percent is so marginal that as a result, the rate of mortality has decreased without declining birth rate. Thus, it is the distribution factor of pure development and its benefits, which are critics for the development process which are effective in controlling population growth.

Two ways are possible to overcome this problem. Either increase the economic growth rate to at least three (or by ensuring equal distribution of current population growth rate of our time, or reduce the population growth to one-third or present which is present, the distribution aspect should be taken care of Increase in keeping in. Economic growth rate poses a lot of difficulties. With the advancement of our natural resources, much effort and discipline will be achieved. It is bound to cause serious damage to the equilibrium balance, because we are technically not so advanced or economically rich. To purchase environmentally friendly development processes, through a strong and effective publicity of the family planning program, the population The second option to bring down once meets the nightmare of emergency.

However, when we talk of development, we can increase the meaning of the word to include human development. It is only through the development of human beings – through literacy, education and better health facilities – whereby we can hope to have an impact on population growth. Only economic development will not do this. If the state is called "social sectors" and focuses on development with human face, then only we can keep healthy and conscious humans, whose families will have a share in keeping the size small.


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