Finance Commission should take advantage of Indian economy: KCR


Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has said that the Finance Commission should think about availing the Indian economy and its role needs to be completely changed. He also said that the functioning of the Finance Commission should not be a regular matter.

In view of the possible visit of the 15th Finance Commission on Saturday, Chief Minister Rao held a review meeting with finance and senior officials. While referring to the Finance Commission and its role, Rao said: "The Finance Commission toured the States with prior assumptions and ideas. It is better if the finance commission becomes a policy-making body. Deviation is the right of states. There is a lot of diversity in terms of states' requirements.

The Chief Minister said that although there have been different governments at the national and state levels since independence, from time to time various political parties have come to power, there has not been a qualitative change and therefore the time to introspect on this front is.

They expressed dissatisfaction over why people are disappointed with the policies of the government and are in a very mood. In this context, he mentioned that two political systems have failed the nation badly.

"The Government of India has a comprehensive fiscal policy. Whatever they should do, they are centralized instead. I told NITI Aayog in a meeting that the Center should not come in the way of states growth. The growth of the state should be considered as the growth of the country, "he said.

Do not disintegrate the growing states. Even a lot of the conditions are put by the center for the little money. The connection between the central government and the state government is absent, "said Chief Minister Rao.

Source: ANI


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