INEC will not be able to escape the 2019 election – Secondus


Prince Uche Secondus, the president of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), warned the National Independent Electoral Commission to oppose the 2019 general election and support the ruling full progress conference. The APC Party warned that the election judges would not get away from this behavior.

He said that INEC successfully elected the APC elections of Governor Ekiti and Osun, saying that this would bring the country into crisis. Secodus said in the Metropolitan Square that the central movement train Atiku / Obi was running along the Asa dam ilorin venue.

According to him, "We want to warn INEC about the previous elections; you manipulate and escape like the recent elections in Ekiti and Osun. In the 2019 election, unless you want to trigger a crisis in Nigeria, you can't escape. Let us Warn Professor Mahmoud Yakubu, if you want to trigger a crisis in Nigeria, elections, if you want to achieve peace in Nigeria, the 2019 election must be free and fair.

"If you like, ignore the reader; if you like, manipulate the machine. If you want, do whatever you want, but the Nigerians will never accept the election. So you better get a warning."

Prince Secondus also said that the APC-led federal government has brought bad luck to the country since it took office in 2015. However, he paid tribute to the courage of the country's security agencies, "our army – the best army in Africa, our police – some of them very very good."

When calling on voters to vote and protect their votes, Secondus said, "But this time in 2019, the police and the army cannot be used because all of you are military; all of you are police. You must supervise your votes. You must protect your votes, you must make sure they don't carry your materials and run away."

He also said that "no elections will be postponed because part of the federal government's strategy for APC is to trigger crises in some states and postpone elections and come with the military. The police stop people from voting, just like they did in Orson. It will not work anymore."

"With God's grace, we have the best candidates and they will win. Atiku Abubakar will win the 2019 election."

He further pointed out that "it is time for the APC emperor to no longer fool Nigerians, because at APC, they have emperors, and they least know that Nigerians are suffering.

“Since they took over the country’s leadership in 2015, Nigerians have been suffering. There is no food on the table, especially in the north-central. Look at what happened in Benue and see the genocide on the plateau, but Not arrested.

“They don’t put food on the table, they bring hunger; instead of improving the economy, they bring killing; they don’t bring infrastructure to the people, they’re with lies and propaganda, and that’s no longer It works. You can't always deceive the people. They deceived us in 2015 and they can't deceive us anymore.

“We are carrying out rescue missions with a person who has the ability to manage all departments in private and public settings. This man will save Nigeria in 2019 and push Nigeria forward. People who have achieved many achievements; they can’t try The man, their extortion can't work.

"And I am sure Mr. Bukhari is in Poland. He can clearly hear my voice through TV broadcasts or any other electronic media. Let him clearly hear that he has brought bad luck to Nigeria, and the only one today can be The people who bring light to Nigeria are what we talk to you about Alhaji Abubakar Atiku," Secondus said.



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