Jammu-Srinagar highway closed for 6th day


The Jammu-Srinagar highway was closed for the sixth consecutive day on Monday, causing hundreds of vehicles to be stranded and a crisis of supply required in the Kashmir Valley.
An official of Traffic Department said, "Since the heavy landslide evacuation campaign was going on in Ramso-Ramban sector, there was a massive landslide in Marog on Sunday, which opened the highway."

Unless it is clear, no traffic will be allowed.
Over 3,000 vehicles have been stranded on the nearly 300-kilometer long road since last six days.
Many stranded vehicles are supplied necessary for the Landlock Valley. Due to the unavailability of essentials there has created a crisis situation.
In addition to the severe reduction of food items like vegetables, poultry products, mutton, there is a shortage of petroleum products.
Officers were forced to ration the petroleum products till the supply situation improved.
After the highway closure on February 6, the plane between the valley and the outside was crashed, in which there was a series of avalanches in Jammu and Kashmir at different places.
Crores of people stranded in the unexpected condition of road contact have started lacking in the money.
The stranded people have demanded special air sorting so that they can reach the valley.


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