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Buying or leasing of property is usually meant to move around the office of the Deputy Registrar to obtain the necessary paperwork. However, in Karnataka, this process has become easy. Hd coomaraswamy, Karnataka Chief Minister recently launched Kaveri Online Services as a one-stop portal for everyone wedding And property registration related services.

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Website allows users to register online properties and download certified sales tasks and consolidation certificates such as property registration documents.

Any transaction related to property should start with the application for EC or the consolidation certificate of the property being purchased. If a user only needs to see the certificate, then he needs to enter the property details and then check it. However, if a user needs to secure hard copy, an online application should be submitted with the fee.


Kaveri Online Services – How Does It Make Registration Easier?

Through the Kaveri Online Services Website, the Karnataka Government has tried to streamline the registration process and make it easy. Once all the details of property or property purchased are uploaded, the documents can be uploaded to the website along with the application.

The system will calculate the market value of the property and the application will be forwarded to the sub-registrar. Once the application and evaluation are approved, the applicant can pay the applicable stamp duty and registration fee applicable to the website.

Stamp duty is calculated based on the calculation system, which evaluates the market value of the property. They can book appointments with sub-registrars to complete the formalities. Certified copies of property deed and other such documents can be downloaded from the website.

Kaveri Online Services – Other Facilities Available

There are also many other facilities available at the Kaveri Online Service site. Contains:

Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Copies of an EC can be downloaded from the website or viewed on the website. If required, then an individual can submit an application to obtain digital signed copies of EC.

Stamp duty calculator

The website includes calculator software with pre-recorded property value in urban and rural Bengaluru. This calculator helps the buyer and seller to reach the fair value for the property purchase. Stamp duty can be calculated using the same calculator.

Prior registration data

Instead of physically visiting the sub-registrar's office, people can now get certified copies of property transactions from this website.

book an appointment

You can now pre-fix the appointment in advance with the sub-registrar. It is required in matters of property purchase.

Agricultural credit

This website makes it easy for banks and financial organizations to record announcements and discharge tasks while advancing the loans to the farmers.

Sub-registrar office locator

There are 250 Sub-Registrar's offices which can be found on the portal. The location of all these offices is available with details about their jurisdiction. This makes it easy for people interested in getting married to find the relevant sub-registrar's office.

E-stamp paper

People of Karnataka can now take printouts E-tickets If they need to prepare agreements and affidavits. This facility has been extended by India's Stock Holding Corporation.

Malla app

In addition to the website, the Government has also launched a mobile app to help people in Karnataka know about the latest asset values. Malla app Is a GIS based app available in English and Kannada IOS And Android phones.

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