Modi is the "master of corruption": Mamata Banerjee


February 8, 2019

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, delivered a speech at a press conference held in the New Town Ecological Park today.

She said that the Prime Minister is:

Wind gust master

Demon master

Master of corruption

Arrogant master

He does not understand India

This position can only be reached after Godhra

Highlights of the press conference

Reporter: PM claims that CIrcuit Bench has been built under the initiative of BJP

Didi: I am even ashamed of talking to this man. The empty ship is very loud. Did the person from the High Court of Kolkata attend the inauguration ceremony? Approximately 30 billion rupees were used by the state government for the Jalpaiguri Circuit Court. We gave the land the same.

The Chief Justice of the High Court of Kolkata has announced the date of the inauguration four months ago. Only notifications from the center are pending. Sadly, we can't open a tour in August. Suddenly, the center decided to start the bench overnight.

The state government and the High Court were not invited. The bride and groom were absent and the band party was present. Who will do the maintenance? Where is the manpower? Who will implement it? How does the bench work?

He is only coming to Bangladeshi politics. In 2016, they said they will take over 7 tea gardens. They made a false promise to the pension. Even though we have a plan for the unorganized sector workers called Samajik Suraksha.

The Prime Minister indulged in half of the truth and lies. Before the election, he was a Cheyvala, and after the election he was a gust – Vala.

Q: The Prime Minister said that the state government has no effect on the development of North Bengal.

Didi: Whether blind or deaf. During this time we set up a small secretariat in North Bengal. We have created a separate department for the development of northern Bangladesh. Created two new districts – Alipurduar and Kalimpong. We have taken some initiatives such as the Bangladesh Wildlife Park and the Bhorer Aalo. There is a development climax in northern Bangladesh. The road to his inauguration today, I have already held a meeting to clean up this project.

Reporter: PM has excavated your dharna

Didi: My satyagraha is not political. He is afraid. India is now united. Twenty-three political parties are working together. Our little plan is 'Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao'. We must protect the constitution and the federal structure. He is already insomnia. He has nightmares. He is very scared.

He claims to be a Chevala. He has become a gust – Vala.

Reporter: He called this big league ' Maha –Milavat

Didi: The empty ship is very loud. I have never seen a more corrupt person. From Rafale to Paytm to Jan Dhan – everything will be exposed. From RBI to CBI, every organization is saying "goodbye" to Modi. He destroyed every institution.

Reporter: PM calls for the expulsion of Tagamool's Jagai-Madhai

Didi: Jagai-Madhai-Bidaai is my slogan. He even copied my slogan now. Why did he leave Bidaai? He is bindaai. His expiration date is over. The whole country is tired of his lies. He will be hit hard in the election. Why is this country suffering for him? People are very angry.

Reporter: PM calls Trinamool the second part of the Communist Party

Didi: He is an opportunist. Have you seen him take action against the Communist leaders? Show me a case. He is a good friend of the Communists. I will not go to politics class from him. They have a lot of Panchayts working together.

Reporter: The Prime Minister said that Didi is not suitable for the tea industry.

Didi: Is that right? Ask him why he has not opened the seven tea gardens of the Duncan Group. We provide 35 kilograms of rice to tea garden workers. We offer free medical care. He is doing drama before the election.

States and centers have their own jurisdictions. They deprived us of our income and gave back a modest share. He did not give us any daan from the RSS or BJP vault. He did not give us our dues.

It is not easy to intimidate Didi. As long as I am alive, people will always be with Trinamool. We will work for Maa, Mati, Manush. In Tripura, they used monetary power and Bangladeshi could not buy with tickets. They are driving Bangladeshi – Hindus and Muslims – away from Assam. I have been struggling all my life. I am a member of parliament and a minister of trade unions. I know this country very well. If you bring 'panga', I will become 'changa' (rejuvenate).

He does not know India. He only came here after Godhra and other conflicts.

Reporter: PM said Didi continues to say Dharna Protect those who are defrauded

Didi: He is a master of gusts. He is the master of demonicization… he is a master of corruption. He is an arrogant question. We respect the chairman of the prime minister, not Maddy Babu. He only said a bunch of lies. He is a shame in this country.

Reporter: In 2022, there will be no more kachcha houses

Didi: He said a lot. Most of them are lies. No one should believe him. The promise in the budget is to wash your eyes. The new government will prepare a new budget. He should propose a voting account.

Reporter: PM has suggested taking action in the Narada case

Didi: How does he talk about the trial matter? He should respect the judiciary. This is contempt of court.

The news of action against the police is a rumor. The police force is affiliated with the state government. They cannot take any action against the police. He said it was a blatant lie.

Reporter: The center will take action against the police

Didi: This is a fake news. The fake action is in progress. Sometimes the media will spread the news they receive on WhatsApp.

Reporter: A report from a former defense official has appeared in the Rafale deal.

Didi: PMO interferes with each department. He does not allow any minister to work. When it comes to giving bhashan or countering someone, he will let his ministers move forward. They even appointed an official to audit our state government finances. He is interfering with everything.

Even in the crop insurance plan, we provide all the funds, but they are sending letters asking for credit for the program. We opt out of Ayushman Bharat, but they are sending a health card. This cannot be continued.

You can fool some people at some point, you can't always deceive everyone.

Reporter: Trinamool supports Rafale trading

Didi: There is a scam in "Gust". We support Congress on this issue.

Reporter: Triple Tarak Biel

Didi: I am in favor of women, but there is a system that can satisfy everything. My parliamentary party will deal with this issue.

Reporter: Is the struggle between the state and the center beneficial to democracy?

Didi: They can't stop our political voice. After the brigade meeting on January 19th, agencies have actively taken action against our party. Five years have passed. They became active before the election.

Reporter: He called Mahagathbandhan As Maha –Milavat

Didi: He believes that everyone in this country is a thief. Is he the only saint? Is this the way PM talks? Any corrupt person joins BJP and becomes "honest." They forced other party leaders to join BJP Threats to use these institutions against them.

Reporter: PM mentioned actions on fund scams

Didi: The Chit Foundation began in the left-wing regime in the 1980s. We arrested the man. We formed a SIT and set up a Shyamal Sen committee to return 300 billion rupees to depositors.

How about the PCPL? What about Sahara? Where is the money? What action has been taken against the leaders of the People’s Party?

After the investigation entered the CBI, it was not in our hands. The term of the committee is now over. CBI did not refund any money.

We hope that the money of the poor will be returned immediately.

Reporter: You said that the industrialist has left the country.

Didi: About 80,000 entrepreneurs left the country due to the atrocities of BJP. We will bring them back together through joint efforts. Even the media has been intimidated by the People’s Party. We will bring new industry policies.

Reporter: Action taken by Singur

Didi: We returned all the land of Singur. They received 2 rupees / kg of rice. They receive a monthly pension of INR 2000. When we handed over the land lease, we even allocated 10,000 rupees a time. We have fulfilled our commitments.

ফেব্রুয়ারি8, ২019

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তিনিবলেন,প্রধানমন্ত্রীরাফেলফেলাস্টার,নোটবন্দিরমাস্টার,দুর্নীতিরমাস্টার,ঔদ্ধত্যরমাস্টার,দাঙ্গারফলেফলোরউত্থান. নিনিবলেন,প্রধানমন্ত্রীরাফেলফেলাস্টার,দু্দিরমাস্টার,দুর্নীতিরমাস্টার,দ্ধত্যরমাস্টার,দাঙ্গারফলেফলোরউত্থান.



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4মাসসআগেিউদ্বোধনেরতারিখখিয়েছিলেনলেনাইকোর্টেরপ্রধাননিচারপতি. Hey. Hey.

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দিদি: Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Hey? যেরাস্তারখোলারজন্যেযেিএসেছিলেনলেনারজন্যে5 ​​0-মামিটিংংিকরেছি. কাজজশুুুুদেড়দেড়বছবছবছআগেআগেআগেআগেআগেআগেরররররররররররররররররররররররররররররররররর


দিদি: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. ২3টারাজনৈতিককদলএকহয়েছেএবংাদেরএকমাত্রকর্মসূচিহল-'মোদীহটাও,দেশদেশাঁচাও',এবংএবংাতেতোভয়পেয়েগেছে. Hey. নির্বাচনেরআগেআগো-ওয়ালা, এখনএখনরাফেল-ওয়ালা.


দিদি: একটাকথাআছে,'েরেরমায়েরবড়বড়া','শুণ্যযিবেশিবাজে', আরমোদীবাবুরমতমতর্নীতিগ্রস্ততানুষনুষদেশেকখোনও্মায়নি. Hey, hey. Hey, hey. কারণণরসবসব্রতিষ্ঠান-গুলিছছারখারহয়েহয়ে.


দিদি:জগাই-মাধাইইিদায়য়িললারশ্লোগান. তারমানেনোরশ্লোগান-টাওওিকরছে? তাবিদায়য়তোারনাম-ওটাকেনকেনি? Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.


দিদি: উনিসুবিধাবাদীদীবলেরকমকম.কম্যুনিস্টরাতোতোারসাথেথোনেনোথদেয়. Hey? Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Hey: Hey?

দিদি: Hey? তাহলেহলেিজ্ঞেসঞেসরুনুনযোনকানন্থারসাত-টিচাবাগাননএখনওকেনি? আমরাচাশ্রমিকদের35কেজিচাললিই,বিনাখরচেচে্বাস্থ্যযরিষেবাদিই,উনিশুধুশুধুরআগেআগোটকটকরতেতে.

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Hey: Hey?

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দিদি: Hey. Hey, hey. Hey. Hey, hey. Hey. ওদেরতোতো-অন-আক্যান্টটপেশরারকথাছিল.


দিদি: যেগুলোযেগুলোাব-জুডিসসিষয়ষয়ানিয়েয়েিকেনকেনাবললেন? Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.


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আমরাযেহেতুযেহেতুানেনে3টিঅন্যান্যরাজনৈতিককদলকেিয়েয়েির্যালিরআয়োজনআয়োজনরেছি,তাই,বিজেপিখুবখুব. Added more information পাঁচঁচরপেরিয়েয়ে, কিন্তু, যেইযেইামনেমনেভোট, তারাআমাদেররাজনৈতিকক্ঠরোধোধরতেতোইছে.

চিটফান্ডআছে1980থেকে. Hey? আমরা২011তেতে্ষমতায়য়এসেিওওিটফান্ডডখুলতেিইনি. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey. Hey. আমরা300কোটিটাকাফেরততিয়েছি. Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Hey? Hey? Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey?

Hey? Hey, hey. Hey. Hey, hey. Hey.

Hey, hey. Hey. সমস্ততরনেতাদেরবলে,তুমিআমাদেরদলেদলে,নয়ত,আয়করদপ্তরধরবে,সিবিআইআইরবে,কারোকেোকেবলেএনআইএধরবে. Hey.


দিদি: বিজেপিরস্বৈরাচারেরজন্যযর80হাজারমানুষনুষিদেশেদেশেযেতোধ্যহয়েছেন. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey. Hey, hey? করে। পার্টি অফিস ফোন ফোন করে দেখাণ হয় বিভিন্ন কেন্দ্রীয় সংস্থার নাম নাম করে।

সাংবাদিক: সিঙ্গুরে জমি ফেরত

দিদি: সিঙ্গুরে সমস্ত জমি ফেরত দেওয়া হয়ে গেছে। প্রতি মাসে ২ হাজার করে টাকা পায়। জমি ফেরত দেওয়ার সময় ১০ হাজার করে টাকা দেওয়া হয়েছিল চাষ করার জন্য। এছাড়া, ২ টাকা কিলো চাল পায়।


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