My Hobby (Dancing) – Short Essay


My parents often joke My hobbies, dancing This is all good nature because I am really good. I had a dancing bug since having a baby. I'll zoom in and zoom on any music playing around me. Sometimes a microwave timer too!

My mother is uncertain whom I met the dancing gene, but my father feels that this is from my grandmother. She was a great Kathak dancer. Kathak Hai Classic Indian dance which is done on the rhythm of the drum as the enactment of a story. This is similar to a performance art routine performed in America.

I am another Contemporaneous Dancer I sign up for dance classes to learn about a variety of dances. Dancing is a good hobby because it keeps me in shape Dance a routine Exercise is similar and they keep me active. I have more flexibility and agility since I started to dance My purpose is to dance Choreographer For the film industry, but to get there, I have to learn all the dance. a dance Display Various types of dances include many moves. Different steps require different steps, and if you do not practice in those steps, then you take the risk of injuring yourself.

Due to this risk, it is important to stay in shape, Practice Be regular and healthy. Dancing requires fitness; Mental and physical When I dance, I forget my worries and just stay alive in the moment. Recently, dance has received more popularity as a program offering children to learn dance. some Trainers Attract customers by putting your own performance online Social media has played an important role in promoting dance routines, schools and trainers. Learning new tricks is also easy through online video available. Many people make life as a professional dancer by entering classes, music contracts or in dance competitions.

I enjoy dancing because it keeps me energetic It helps me push my body to the limit. It also helps in getting specialist Dancers in the weddings of friends and families I am his choreographer in the events and he often admits my dance moves. I advise everyone to dance as a hobby.

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