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NEET (UG) 2019 Online Application Improvement Has been started January 14, 2019. In some details the facility will be provided through online mode. The National Eligibility Low Entrance Test is known as NEET. NEET UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination) for under-graduation is a single national level examination conducted in India. Their examinations are organized by the National Testing Agency.

This examination provides admission for BDS and MBBS courses in the country. This article will provide with details NEET UG 2019 Completed application details. After this, only NET scores were considered entry points for both BDS and MBBS courses. There are both government and private colleges in India for MBBS and BDS courses.

The full details of the procedure for filling the NEET UG 2019 application are given below.

NEET 2019 Application Improvement Form – Started on 14th January.

newNEET (UG) 2019 online application improvement has begun January 14, 2019 Click here To improve the application through login.

NEET 2019 Application form improvement

NEET (UG) 2019 Improvement Form Has been started From 14th – 31st January, 2019 Last year, CBSE lets improve some special and uploading images. This year also the board will provide an improved facility to the candidates.

Candidates will have to download the application from the official website of the CBSE board. Candidates will have to fill all the details in each phase. There is no wrong information to fill.

There is no offline mode for filling the application. If the officials found that some incorrect details have been filled, then the candidates give an opportunity to cancel the admission form.

NEET (UG) 2019 improvement form dates

The NEET (UG) 2019 Improvement Form Check is available below.

planning Date (Revised)
Registration dates 1 November 2018
Last date to register 30th November 2018
Date for a successful final transaction fee From 1 November to 1 December 2018
Improvements in application form details 14th – 31st of January 2019
Downloading Admit Card April 15, 2019
Dates of examinations 5 May 2019

Important details of NEET UG 2019 application form

  • The application should only be filled in English language.
  • The candidate has to fill the form through an online process.
  • The application will be updated on the website from the second week of December.

Especially improved:

Applicants can improve their data presented in the NEET application form. The improvement of NEET application will be authorized only in the following data:

Identity identification

  • Applicants can complete the application with any ID other than Aadhar card, passport number, ration card number, bank account number and Aadhar registration number
  • Registration number of Aadhaar number or Aadhaar.
  • Applicants who already apply with Aadhar card and applicants such as OCI, PCI, NRI and foreign citizens are not eligible for improvement.

Date of birth

  • Applicants who complete the application with a non-Aadhaar ID, such as passport number, ration card number, bank account number and Aadhaar registration number, can correct the date of birth.
  • Applicants who already fill the application with the Aadhaar card. You are not eligible to update the date of birth as your contact information on the Aadhar card.


  • Those applicants who complete the form with Aadhar Card, Passport Number, Ration Card Number, Bank Account Number and other IDs as per the base registration number, they will be able to correct their gender.
  • Applicants who already fill the application with the Aadhaar card. You can not improve sex as a description of Aadhar card.


  • All applicants can make changes in the category. (Applicants should fill the category according to the central list of categories)

Disability Status

  • All candidates can improve.
  • Note: However, when the highest rate is included in the change in disability status, applicants also have to pay rate differential.

State Code of Eligibility

  • All applicants can improve eligibility status codes.
  • Candidates who are related to the State of Jammu and Kashmir can make changes in their self-declaration status.
  • Applicants belonging to Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu and Kashmir can make changes to their state eligibility codes (in addition to these 3 states).
  • They can only make changes when they have their base or base registration number.

Note: Candidates can note that the rules which are specific, such as permissible identification type, self-declaration, question paper medium, and options of the centers etc. will be applicable by changing the status of eligibility.

Candidates will have to fill in the information very carefully in the affected area.

  • All the candidates can make changes through the question paper.

pay attention: However, if the medium turns into regional languages, then the candidate will change in the city too.

Examination Center:

  • All candidates can improve.

Examination Code and Percentage (%) Ability of marks obtained in Class XII:

  • All candidates can improve.

Parent's name (father and mother):

  • All candidates can improve and change names.

NEET 2018 improvement process

To take advantage of the improvement facility, applicants will visit the official website during the scheduled program for improvement facility.

Improvement of any other data is not allowed because it will not affect the application and eligibility. Apart from this, it is advisable to take very precautions while improving the candidates, because second chance for improvement will not be available.

After the correction, the candidate will print an improvement note and keep it for reference and registration. After this, the Commission will not get any correspondence in this regard.

Due to improvement in the category, if additional charges are due, they will be paid by debit / credit card or net banking during the prescribed period. Parents should read and understand the above information and help their advice properly.

Improved Improved Impressions:

Candidates who have sent wrong photo, signature and will be cited by the CBSE through e-mail and SMS. Candidates will reload these documents by logging on to the application portal within a certain time.

In relation to the reform of the application, the applicants receiving text messages and e-mail from CBSE should re-scan scanned documents within 3 days.

It is recommended that all applicants fill the application carefully, if by mistake, some entries are entered incorrectly, then students get an opportunity to improve them during the reform period.

The board was given a unique opportunity to correct the date of birth, state eligibility code, gender, class and disability status.

For any question about NEET 2019 Application Form Improvement, you can ask us by commenting below.


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