Not only the rapist, the murderer Ram Rahim, lawyer Parashar said, hang this Baba on the gallows.


Faridabad: On October 24, 2002, the editing of the entire day of 'Sarva' of Sirsa was attacked by Ramchandra Chattrapati. Chattrapati was called out of the house and five bullets were killed. After which he died, in which case the CBI court of Panchkula has convicted Baba Ram Rahim. Judge Jagdeep Singh, the judge of the CBI, will pronounce the verdict on how Ram Raiam gets punishment in this case, but law experts say that Ram Rahim should be sentenced to death.

LN Parasher, former head of the Faridabad Bar Association, says that Ram Rahim has not committed a number of major crimes and should be sentenced to death in this murder case. Advocate Parashar said that journalist Ramchandra had opened the pole of Ram Rahim's black exploits. He was constantly printing the news related to the disaster in his newsletter and was making a mark in the true impression that only Baba is in the rape case and he has been sentenced to 20 years in the same rape case. Was there.

Advocate Parashar said that Baba is very guilty. He played the feelings of crores of people and had something else inside and out of the house, there was a criminal from inside and from outside, he used to play with the feelings of people and used to deceive the poor people, he created wealth of billions Abused Started to run and many films have been made, and in those movies, they started to cheat people by presenting them as Gods. Advocate Parashar said that such people are a burden on the nation who play with the feelings of the poor, so such people have no right to live. Advocate Parashar said that if journalist Murder case is sentenced to death, Baba will be punished for hundred times before attacking journalists.


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