Punjabi gang rape: the accused is at large; the police are suspended


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 Two days after the terrible incident, all gang rape cases of a 20-year-old woman in the Ludhiana district of Punjab continued to go unpunished. Ranbir Singh Khatra, deputy director of the police department, admitted that the local police had made a mistake in handling the matter because of this horrific crime on Saturday night. “Our main priority at this stage is the arrest of the accused. Some gangs have other incidents in the area,” Khatra said.

Khatra said that Assistant Deputy Prosecutor Vijay Rattan was suspended for misconduct because he did not seriously investigate the matter and did not inform the elderly after the victim complained about the incident. Punjab police raided various parts of the Ludhiana area on Monday. A young woman said that after she and her male friend were attacked and kidnapped, she was about 10 men in a farmhouse near Jagraon town. Gang rape.

No one has been arrested so far. The victim, who is about 20 years old, told the police that she and her friend drove from a car in the southern part of Ludhiana to Issewal village on Saturday night when their car was driven by two men on a motorcycle. Attacked with bricks. “When the couple were attacked, the car was driving along the canal. We have registered a rape case and other provisions of the “Indian Penal Code” (9-10 people). They have not yet determined that their sketch is in preparation "Khatra told the media.

The attackers who were joined by the other three then got in the car and beat the man (male friend) and drove the car to a farmhouse near Jagraon, about 170 km away. They also called the man's friend with a mobile phone and asked for a ransom of 200,000 rupees. The friend approached the police after receiving the call, but the police did not take immediate action.

The kidnapped couple was allegedly beaten in the farmhouse and the woman was gang-raped by about 10 men. The couple were released on Sunday and they complained to the police about rape and kidnapping.


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