Race Narayan declares SSC-2019 result


State time news
Jammu: Result of Super Student Competition (SSC) 2019 organized by Res Narayan IIT / NEET Academy on November 25, 2018 was announced on Thursday.
It is pertinent to mention here that around two thousand students of prestigious schools of Jammu participated in competing competition for cash award, trophy, medal, certificate and scholarship of Rs. 50 lakhs.
JK Public School (16 posts), Ranbir School (12 posts), Presentation Convent School, (11 posts) Delhi Public School, Jammu 11 posts), Casey International School (10 posts), Jodhamal School (09 posts), Heritage students School (8 posts), Government Girls HR Sank Mubarak Mandi (8 posts), Casey Public School (07 posts), MHAC Nagbani School (06 posts), GD Goenka School (05 posts), KV No. 1 (4 posts), St. Peter High School, BC Road, Jammu (4 posts), Casey Gurukul Public School, (03) AP Number, Kluck (02 posts), Crescent Public School, Janippur (02 posts), Dream Land Public School, Janpur (02) top positions as a result of SCC -201 9. Education Niketan Senior Secondary School, RM Public School, APS Dhar Road, Udhampur, Baranii International School, Brahmarshi Bawra Shanti Peetha Peeth, Udhampur, DPS Rajouri and students of Garden Avenue, students of Tilab Tillow received a post and received a post from schools and parents. Father received a prize.
Ahsan Rashid Sheikh won the first position in class VIII, in the Class VIII, Miyadul Malgotta, Class 10 in Abar Hussain, Satyam Cutach in Class 11 (Satya), Sanjit Singh in Class 11 (Non-medical), Mohammed. In Class XII (Medical) and Aditya Sharma, Musharraf won the first rank in the 12th class (non-medical).
First place in class 7, Visvesh Lange in first class, Periyush Sharma in class-9, Afsha Vani in class-10, Aryan Sharma in class 11, non-medical in class 11, medical in Pragya Mahajan class 12 and Nikhil Singh Won the second place in the 12th non-medical. In the eighth grade, Atifa Raza won the third rank in class 8, Megha Chopra in class 9, Riya Chaudhary in class 10, Ravi Shakha Peshin in class 11, Abhay Singh in class 11th grade, Smidi Katoch and Krishnasub in 12th class medical Won the third rank in class 12 non-medical.
Dr. The academy and director of the Jyothina Dhara Center Academy of SK Thakur Race Narayan Akademi announced the results of SSC-2019 in the result announcement function organized by Isha Sachar, Sheetal Sharma, Arun Sharma, Ashima Gupta, Gurpreet Singh, Nitika Sharma. , Anish Raina, Alfana and others.
Jyothina Dhar, Center Head congratulated students, winners, parents, teachers and schools for performing well in the competition. Winner cum Career Consultation Meeting 201 9 will be held on December 16, 2018.
Dr. S Thakur, Director, Academy of Narcotics, NIT, shared that the SSC-099 is a unique test developed by highly experienced academicians.


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