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How our army can help protect the border

Engineer, Forward Observer, Intelligence, Infantry Patrol Squad, Rapidly Displaced Logician ….

Robert David Steele

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Some people outside the Defense Department (DoD) think that in preparing to win two major theater wars, DoD has thousands of thousands of its thousands of experts – and thousands of pieces of construction equipment as well as theater and tactical intelligence tools. Surveying the main terrain and capable of refuting – all these are available for training missions within the United States, who support the President's domestic objectives. There can be no more important domestic purpose than protecting our boundaries.[1]

DoD is capable of bringing forth the formidable resources, ideally in the context of a great "grand strategy", as well as preventing illegal immigration and smuggling of drugs and humans – most of which children should be transferred by humans Used to be. Smugglers, not their parents – across our borders[2] National Guard, integrated with fully active and reserved force, is part of the solution – Specifically, members of National Guard are eligible for state law enforcement commissions on the basis of state, and if so, Operating under) can become a significant hybrid force reaching law enforcement database and law enforcement in its home state and its national military counterparts. With the ability to work easily.

Engineering Assets

In addition to the army core of engineers,[3] Each military service has its own major engineering organization that is ideally suited to make – much quicker and less expensive than any contractual effort – a series of protective physical barriers across the southern border that are combined with active military patrol The form is capable of completely freeing anyone and anything else. . From US Army Corps of Engineers to Service Engineering Units, there are less than 15,000 uniformly available uniformed and civil engineers within DoD, which will be supported by the rationalists and others when needed, and another 15,000 infantry and aviation personnel Should be skilled on interdependence, individual guerrilla fighters – or illegal aliens and contracted smugglers.

Imagine if trying to prepare a "national" standard wall at the absurd expenditure – $ 20 million miles is beyond a fool – the President instructed the defense secretary that "mission-type" for ACE and services Issue of orders – Limits for California and New Mexico are met for sea-end security; Army receives Arizona and Texas borders; The Air Force has taken responsibility for the air-based monitoring of the entire range; And ACE provides direct support for all four state authorities in the construction of walls "fast and furious".

Infantry, Aviation, and Intelligence Assets

Thousands of Marine Corps and Army Infantry, Thousands of All-Service Aviation, and hundreds of servicing intelligence professionals are available to create "no go" zones, which range 1,300 miles from the coast of California to the shore coast of the Gulf. running on. Texas

Below is my depiction of the order of a "mission-type" order which can be given by the new defense secretary after being asked by the President as part of national security:

The above construction provides for the three levels of defense of the motherland provided by DoD "with state officials, and"

Level 1: The US Air Force includes a new program in collaboration with a continuously wide area and precision monitoring, "big data" processing and the National Security Agency (NSA) on the entire border, which enables all active cellular telephones to be answered by the vehicle. Can track and walk

Level 2: US Army Corps Engineers give direct support to each state authority, ideally in partnership with state university systems, with a "no go" zone along the coast to enable a national competition to enable Donation of volunteers and materials to create physical obstacles.[4]

Level 3: Activists continuously patrolling the US Marine Corps and the US Army (and sea, US Navy) demanding illegal entry into the US on the southern border to enable the interception of every vehicle and pedestrian.[5]

Border patrol wants wall

The primary value of a wall is to enable a very limited number of border petrol personnel to cover a large desolate area, where there may not be a constant challenge for hundreds of people in slow-moving vehicles, many of whom Is being smuggled, the other criminals are searching, crossing the border every evening.

Border wants petrol wall.[6] We need to give them this tool, but more than that, we need to give them full support of the so-called DEFENSE (DoD) and its engineering, infantry, aviation and intelligence personnel.


[1] It is established without the challenge that the President has the power to declare a national emergency and direct military resources, which demands his declaration towards the solution of the Route Declaration. Where media and Democrats are showing less, the Department of Defense (DoD) is not responsible for accepting DEFENSE, and that the protection of the integrity of our border is definitely a legitimate military mission in the time of the National Emergency. Cf David Wellana, "Yes, President & # 39; National Emergency & # 39; Can announce, " National public radio, 9 January 2019. Scott A. See also Kaiser,President Trump needs to declare emergency status, " Truth and Liberty Blog, 10 January 2019.

[2] The walls are an essential part of the solution but not the entire solution. E-Verification is not yet ready for the 100% mandatory use, but there is a clear area where the President can insist that it should be used for both jobs and housing while providing adequate resources to work. "Error rate in e-verification, ", 14 August 2018. A strong foreign aid and preventive program is clearly important to include strong support to Mexico to protect its own southern border. Finally, seasonal workers need American employers who can be tracked, and the reality is that most American origins of the Mexican and native Native Americans are native to the bottom of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo border; . The map below is demographic reality.

The source

It is important to see that the illegal immigration problem is about other Than Mexican (OTM), and about the medicines which are being imported with active cooperation of the law enforcement and judicial network of the entire state from which the agreement has been reached. It is also important to see that changing immigration policy from "biggest value" to "family chain migration" is the biggest legal obstacle to restoring cultural balance in the United States.

[3] Senna's engineers' army spent 49.3 billion in military and civil works (financial year 2008). In recent years, its budget has been close to $ 20 billion per year, which is more in overseas. Its two divisions are directly focused on the southern border: the South Pacific Division and the South-Western Division. With roughly 36,000 employees (around 800 military, civilian balanceants), it oversees over 300,000 contractors on a daily basis. A pro form briefing, "US Army Corps of Engineering, "Is available from September 2014.

[4] There are valid reservations about imposing walls in specific tribal lands, nature reserves and local owned farms. For the border patrol, with intersection walls and patrol infantry and aviation with more personnel and technology, we achieve near-full border integrity.

[5] Camp Pendleton is one of the world's largest Marine Corps installations in California. Fort HutchuCo is one of the most important intelligence training facilities in the U.S. Army and ideally suited for hosting a major workforce of the U.S. Army. Other facilities exist for related services in New Mexico and Texas. A grand strategy has been formulated in accordance with the promises of the Presidential campaign and has been called for the withdrawal of all US military forces in the foreign countries and the return of all US forces from alternative warfare and alternative guerrilla missions – for this important border Conservation campaign will not free resources, it will bring our soldiers and their wallet home to strengthen the economy The Federal Reserve and Wall Street to our President and to our public and vulnerable. Robert Steele, "Grand Nationality, Global Reality, and re-inventing the US-Army to re-engage American national security, " Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 8 September 2016.

[6] Stephen Dinon, "Border patrol agents heavily support Trump's wall in a new survey, " Washington Times, 2 April 2018; View editors recently, "Border Patrol chief: Certain we definitely need a wall, any agent will tell youThe & # 39; FoxNewsInsider (Video and text), December 13, 201. Border Patrol requires additional personnel and more techniques, see Ron Nixon, "What Border Agents, They Want (This Wall is Not)," New York Times, March 22, 2017 NYT contains a lot, Border Patrol wants a wall, more people, and more technology; This extended "no-hold barred" proposal is right for the full capacity of DoD in support of the Border Patrol.

DOC (page 4): How our army can help protect the border 1.1

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