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Tigers are unique animals, and they play an integral role in Diversity of ecosystem.

Today, tigers are in danger, and their disappearances will show an unsafe ecosystem which will not be in existence for a long time after that. So, the question lies now, "What will happen to the tigers extinction?" Let's take the example of Dodos to extinction species in the Mauritius. When this happened, a species of almond trees completely stopped rebirth. This means that when a particular species suffers from the fate of extinction, it does not do this without leaving the trail, thereby affecting the ecosystem altogether. This is another mandatory reason to protect tigers from extinction. Below are the amazing facts.

If we want to protect wildlife, saving of tigers has become an hour requirement, in which the tiger is one Big symbol.

Tiger population has gone down in the last century Below 97 percent.

Save project tiger There was an attempt to restore the safe environment of the tigers which are currently counted in about 3000.

Jim Corbett National Park Where this project was introduced, the most important tiger reserve in India is centered on preserving the tiger.

The purpose of that project was increase the Number Tigers currently exist.

Historically The hunting tiger was seen as a matter of pride and bravery. Even now, many old palaces take boat for pictures of tiger hunting and occasionally display tiger skin. Many examples of tiger hunting have come down due to laws against hunting.

Tiger has been declared National animal of India So an example of tiger hunting or hunting will be seen as a patriotic act and punishment is serious.

Tigers as a land of tigers have a special place of significance for India and we must be committed to it. It's not just about protecting a beautiful animal. We should contribute to save the life of tigers so that we can survive for a while due to ecological services provided by forests such as clean air, temperature regulation and water.

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