Shankar IAS Environmental PDF Book 2019 download

Shankar IAS Environmental PDF

Shankar IAS Environmental PDF Today we are sharing with you the most demanding Shankar IAS Academy Environment Book PDF in Hindi. Environmental Shankar IAS Academy Book During the preparation of the Civil Services Exam & # 39; Environment & # 39; It is very helpful for the students to achieve the inevitability of the subject. This book follows the paper pattern and course given by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). A team of highly experienced writers of Shankar IAS Academy has written this book and hence it is accurate and reliable Environmental book for UPSC.

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Shankar IAS Environment Notes PDF

Download Shankar IAS Environmental Book to get ideas about environment courses for UPSC. Each and every aspect has been described very clearly. I fully recommend it to those who do not have what UPSC demands in The atmosphere Subject.

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Shankar IAS Environmental PDF

This book is prepared by Shankar IAS Academy Which is the best coaching institute in South India. Shankar joins the IAS Academy to study or crack the examinations like students IAS, UPSC and other civil service exams. Shankar follows the same pattern and course given by the Environmental UPSC by IAS PDF.

This book is completely dedicated to the environment and incorporates all the concepts and points. It focuses on such topics as:

  • Environmental ecology
  • Bio-diversity and climate change
  • Ecological pyramids and nutritious cycles
  • Ecosystem rainforest
  • Deciduous monsoon forest
  • Biom
  • Roti basket area
  • Food chain
  • primary consumer
  • food web
  • Ecological pyramid
  • Ecological explosion
  • Ecotone, chemosanthesis
  • Biogeochemical cycle
  • Miss Sample
  • Posibilism, stratosphere
  • Biosphere, species types
  • Nutritional sophistication
  • acid rain
  • Marble cancer
  • Types of soil
  • Biographical field
  • xerophytic
  • Nitrogen cycle
  • green house gas
  • Biodiversity hotspot
  • Gradual decline of ozone
  • Rome's Club
  • planktonic
  • Biological magnification
  • Young lakes
  • Good ozone and biodiversity loss

Environmental Shankar IAS Book

Book name Shankar IAS Environmental PDF for UPSC
Author Shankar IAS
Page 306
Shape 24 MB
Format PDF
Quality good
Language English

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