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Luck and planning

Fortune and man

There are two types of directions in our society: First Fate and Second Participation The fate of the fate is that everything that is destined is found. Such people neither do any work nor any excitement arises in front of any work. Second-class persons are lifestyle-loving, they are the ones who remain committed to leaving certified. At the time of doing the work, they do not care about this because people watching are talking about them. They determine themselves and try their own performance. History is a witness to this. That those who have made progress in their lives have us on the strength of the enterprise. The kind of economic, industrial, business development that has happened in the world, there is only one story behind the constant effort and success. Azhaartha is always more powerful than fate. Maharana Pratap had got his lost state again on the strength of asceticism. Kalidas, a stupid, scholarly building from Kalidas. Blind Lal Bahadur Shastri becomes the Prime Minister of the country. What is the symbol of human victory in space, its roaming on the moon? Luck or light? Victory is the word of Karmaveer everywhere: "Gross petitas are jag mai, karmhinn malna pavat." get up! Let's go! There is no angel coming to show the way to catch your hand between these nostalgic nights.

Challenging your dry goblet with cold water or sorghum and the pebbles scattered along the way. You will not be able to get any divine representative who is taking you directly to the road. By crushing stones and pebbles of these roads and crushing thorns, you have to boldly move towards your destination. Those who believe in destiny can never lift their flags on golden shades of success. Remember- God is always like a man with a caring man who, without worrying about the advantages and disadvantages of suffering, who ignores the fatigue of the feet, goes on continuously. Those who sit with the help of fate, are frustrated and frustrated, like those who never say, "I will be the same as I want."

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