To facilitate a course on ethics and citizenship, Pro Lionel Arna from IIM Kozhikode


bring it on!

Things have started getting difficult from this module and the next four weeks are definitely incredibly busy. (More assignments, more pre-class preparation, and more sleep nights)

From tomorrow, we have Prof. Lionel Aranha from IIM Kozhikode, coming down to a curriculum on ethics and citizenship. The class is divided into 6 groups and each group has to submit its education with documentary, articles and cases provided by them.

Our group is working on the ethics of governments. We have been asked to look at the documentary the Stelling the Nation, which is a documentary that explores the role of the British Government in the secret form and the cruelty to overthrow the population of Chagos islands.

As we sit in order to start our preparations for the presentation, things seem difficult and scary! But, seeing how we have won big and scary assignments and deadlines, it will also be completed comfortably, I'm sure!


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