US SIF Foundation Trends report unveils climate change as the top ESG issue


Press Release – Washington, DC, December 6 – US SIF Foundation 2018 biennial Report on US Continuous, Responsible and Impact Investment Trends It is found that climate change is the most important ESG issue, which is considered by money managers in asset-weighted conditions, which affects the property's value of $ 3.0 trillion-more than double than the -2016. For institutional investors, climate change was the third most important specific ESG issue, which affected $ 2.24 trillion in assets from $ 2.15 trillion in 2016.

This year's trends report also increased shareholder offers on climate change starting in 2014, when investors wrestled with the prospects of "stranded" carbon assets and global efforts to stop US greenhouse gas emissions. The report identified 271 proposals regarding climate change filed between 2016 and 2018.

The movement continued to increase for fossil fuel disruption, and US Money Managers assets were clearly managed according to fossil-free mandates, increased 49 percent from 2016 to $ 226 billion.

The fourth National Climate Assessment Report of the Trump Administration released on November 23 highlighted the pending impact of climate change in the United States. And President Trump announced in 2017 that he will pull the United States from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, many investors have taken the '# 39; We Are Still In & # 39; And climate work has created 100+ new alliances.

American SIF CEO Lisa Woll said, "Focus is leading the environment for many responsible investors, increasingly, personal and institutional investors are looking for ways to use their investment dollars to reduce or reverse the impact of climate change."

US SIF Foundation's Biennial Trends report – first compiled in 1995 – is the most comprehensive study of durable and impact investment in the United States. The report provides comprehensive data on properties using one or more sustainable investment strategies and examines a wide range of important ESG issues such as climate change, human rights, arms prevention and corporate governance. Please report the findings and information for additional trends, please see

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