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Jaswinder, Chandigarh: Dharma can not be discussed in the stomach stomach. 'In any form, regardless of religion as responsible for all this, it was the belief that this misery (poverty) of the society was not due to religion, but it has happened that religion has not been behaved in the society in the way it is done Was Needed. & # 39; Vivekananda
Mukabpat unit of the society is a man, but is the man whose birth has taken place after the operation of millions of years living in a modern era, does he need a religion?
Even if it is needed, he knows religion. Today, every person has his own religion in this age.
He neither trusts in the old bases. The temple
It is the religion of bells playing in the mosque or raising the sheet. But today's youth does not believe in these things as religion, covering the body of a poor person.
Instead of milking someone else in the temple, she is more confident in feeding any other person. Vivekanand ji says; What is the truth, boldly say fearlessly to the people Do not meddle on whether or not someone is suffering from it. Never congratulate the weakness 'Which is not the king of the emperor but shows him. It creates the same uncertain history. "He envisioned a society in which there was no difference between man and man, on the basis of religion or caste, he kept the principles of Vedanta in this form, which is the basis of the principle of Samata, Vivekananda may have given it a strong intellectual basis. Very rarely, Vivekananda was strictly against priesthood, religious bouts, ruthlessness and stereotypes.
He had done religious meditation only in the center of human service to religion. He had given this rebellious statement that thirty-five million hunger, poor and malnourished people of this country should be installed in the temple like goddesses and the statues of gods and goddesses should be removed from the temples.
He said that all the religions of the world have different ways of going to the same goal. The service of human beings is the true religion. Such education he gave to Indians They attacked the caste system and spread humanism and universalism. Vivekananda had said in a prayer meeting – police! Say that the naked Indian, the uneducated Indian, Harijan Indian is my brother. Sisters! Raise your voice and raise your voice and say that only human beings in India are adorable. India's development of human culture is very important. Today, it is more relevant to contemplate Vivekananda's ideas in present time, he said, "The new India will be born from the farmers' hull, the labor of the workers, the huts, the forests, the farmers and the wages." But if today's youth went. Why are they labeled anti-culture? Today, the Indian woman is battling men everywhere, under the burden of the culture that is getting worse due to the great blood of Aryavarta, that man has the burden of culture in blood Daoya, as Vivekanand ji says, so far the divers are roaming around that culture, the word is not so that they said but the expressions are my own, I have my own religion or religion We have to marry the boy or girl because we have to save the culture that is in our blood and save it, which we have to save. To culture or its ego, Vivekananda wanted to create a decent society. Vivekananda's name is politically based on the name of Vivekananda. Today, political group votes for Vivekananda showing his posters. It is an insult to put Vivekananda on the poster, it is necessary to follow his ideas. To say the power of Yuva Swami Vivekananda The power of youth is also being used by the leaders of Hindu Muslims instead of any good work, the Hindutva leaders, who are the people of Hindu word. Nyta offers no knowledge but she is telling the young power that Hindus are in tone; Muslims feel that Muslim is in confusion but in reality the future of youth power is in illusion or they have no employment, neither do they eat bread again. Religion education will be given to the people Vivekananda was in favor of humanity Wadi religion. It is a distant thing that the brother has been put in the bite of brother. Someone is in love with the animal, so anyone has forgotten the language of idioms on idols on this planet, because he used to find Vivekananda in book book but he is inside Haridad and Daman, Kunwar Dalit, laborer. All power is inside you, there is nothing out there. Now the time has come that Vivekananda will be able to re-establish his ideals in and outside of society.


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