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The unconscious inclination about what to do with Alien Gonzalez has been circulated, analyzed and dramatized almost to death. But saturation coverage is generally missed by the most important aspect of the conflict: What does it say about the intolerable racial and ethnic divisions in Miami and the rest of the country? This tedious, expensive, non-sighted battle is derived from "diversity" which is considered to be the great power of America. It shows that Americans, like people everywhere, think with their blood. It shows that while the chips are below Cuban-American Cuba, not Americans

To get started, opinions about what to do with a boy are clearly divided with racial lines. In a newspaper survey of residents of Miami-Dade County, 83 percent of Cuban-Americans came to know that young Gonzalez wants to live in America. Seventy six percent of non-Hispanic white people want to send them back to Cuba because heavy 92 percent are black. Non-Cuban Hispanics sympathize with their partner Latinoos, the boy should stay with 55 percent.

There are white and black living in Miami Quite likely To send aliens to the home, compared to white and black in the rest of the country. That's because they deal with Cubans at all times, which makes them less instead of more likely to support their interests. This is a universal rule: more real contact groups make their relationships worse with each other.

Especially the large number of blacks, who want to give the boy back to his father, does not represent the love of the family as Cuba's resentment. Miami Black is unhappy that Cubas drowned on their back and now run the place. Confusion is too difficult for the cubes white and scary. Bishop Victor Curie, President of Miami-Dade County NAACP complained, "We had more problems with Cuba in electricity than white people." Black also annoys the charm for a six-year Cuban when no one cares about thousands of black hats, who return to their unhappy motherland every year. They complain – by mistake – that if the American is mounted with black color then it will crush ethnic ethnic resistance.

Cuba has promised not to forget what Black is saying. Miami businessman Raman Suarez-Dale Campo warned, "People will pay for it." "When black politicians come to Cuban politicians or ask for some help in the future, they will say, & # 39; Where were you for the aliens? & # 39;"

Whites were unchanged because their Cuban-operated city had temporarily separated from the League. In March, Miami-Dade County Mayor, Alex Pennas said that if the police came to take the boy away, the police force would not cooperate, and everyone tried to predict the violence. Miami mayor Joe Carolo also promised that local police would not cooperate.

Eventually, the INS killed, after that Cuba – after a lot was said about "Americans". Feeds made an advance warning about the operation of the Miami Police chief William O'Brien (no Cuba, he). That was because the city's official Gonzazalas were standing at the intersection guard at the house, controlling the protesters, and there was no such thing that the federal agents would suddenly burst onto the scene, guns would be drawn. Chief O'Brien sent the number two person in his department to ride with the INS and convinced the operation that the operation was up and up – but he did not tell Cuban officers about the raid ahead of time. They knew that they might have tried to snatch enough protesters around Gonzalez's house. Cubas were angry at the boy's removal and there were riots in his despair. He prepared for the chief O & # 39; Brian's head; of course, he got them. Not surprisingly, the new leader Raúl Martínez is Cuba.

Some Wags have noted that the United States has not seen such a fierce opposition of federal power since the Southern rulers have blocked the school integration. However, it is not a matter of states' rights but a matter of national rights.

People trampling on the streets of Little Havana may be American citizens, but they are through Cuba-in-exile and through it. That is why they wave the Cuban flag instead of the American flag, and Cuba sings national anthem, not "Star Spangled Banner". In today's America, no one seems strange that keeping the boy in the United States is a pretense Cuba, American patriotism is not In some cases, it went even further. In the emotions after the raids, Cuba burned the American flag and reversed it.

It's actually some natives. On April 29th in the South Dade "Pro-American" rally waving the American flag for most of the changes, and reading signals: "Prevent the Republic of the Republic" and "This is America. Speak English." Told the correspondent that he had told his wife, "We have to get out of this place because those Cubans are completely out of control." Rally, propagated by word of mouth, attracts 2,500 people Ia but the media ignored the involuntary movement of mostly white resentment.

Goethe once saw, "Blood is a very special type of soap, and SAP is growing on the other side of the country. In July last year, the American women's football team had faced China in the Rose Bowl for the World Cup final. The Chinese team was from the communist mainland, while most of the Chinese- "American" were from Hong Kong and Taiwan. American women were playing an alien rival and were Chinese- "American" American citizens. Sensex No matter; they rooted passion for the Chinese team.

The 27-year-old Chinatown News vendor Louis Wong said, "There are political differences, but because the team is Chinese, we think that is the case." Businessman Edward Chang said, "I am an American citizen, but I am Chinese." for sure. What can be more natural?

These days, it is no longer allowed to think how a "foreigner" will respond to a real crisis with a foreign country, more important than a little boy or a football game. America is just one place on the map, after all, with good welfare benefits and useful blue passports. When it really matters, you can always go back to being Chinese – or Cuba or Mexican or Haitian or Filipino.

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